by Max Barry

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Region: Asia

International Waters of Formosa Island.

***As-salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah***

It is a hot day in the South China Sea. Actually, with the arrival of the two Imperial Naval Fleets, things heated up a bit more. It seems to be a stand off.

The South China Seas is usually a very busy commercial sea passage, however, the waters was unusally calm because of the CCMC's blockade.

The Holy Imperial Navy's Flagship of the Pacific Fleet is the command vessel during this mission. Onboard the bridge was the Pacific Fleet's Commanding Admiral, who was survielling the surroundings and strategizing with his command officers.

A communications officer walks over to the officers and salutes... on gaining their attention he delivers a message...

Junior Communications Officer - Pacific Fleet Flagship:

"Admiral, there is a communication from Sea Falcon One (Imperial Battle Cruise One: the Holy Emperor's Private Yacht - and you guessed it.. its a repurposed Imperial Naval Battle Destroyer Class Ship)

The Holy Emperor is arriving within the hour and requests that all command officers meet with him for a breifing and SitRep."

Pacific Fleet's Command Admiral:

"Very well. Inform the Holy Emperor that all will be done as requested ...oh and have a personnel transport shuttle ready for us to go to Sea Falcon One the minute it arrives. We have a plan of attack and we are eager to relay the plans."

The Coms Officer saluted in acknowledgement and left to his orders.


The Communications Cheif had just relayed the CMCC's broadcast to the Holy Emperor.

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"They are swift moving these days, aren't they."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"Is that a tone of sarcasm in your voice Minister?"

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"No.. I agree... it is does seem unusually hasty for them to invite a contingent over to discuss the matter.

I must admit... it is unsettling. We know the CMCC likes to show the lenght and breath of their so-called military might, but all they have is numbers. Its not match for our technological advances.

Anyway, we will meet with them after I have met with the Admiral and his Command. He says he has a plan of attack and I an interested. I would really like to see the cost of this battle, that is .. if one was to ensue.

Send a message to President Sharapov that his evecuation vessels must be here soon."

End of Scenario
End IC