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Region: Asia

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Secret IC:

Council Meeting Minutes

Undisclosed Fortified Location

Members Present

President Xi - Chairman of the Council of Experts; Chairman of the Central Military Commission; President of the Meritocracy
Premier Wei - Vice-Chairman of the Council of Experts; Premier of the Meritocracy, First-Meritocrat of the Assembly of Meritocrats
Councilor-Expert Li - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Councilor-Expert Shi - Minister of the Interior
Admiral Liu - Minister of Defence; Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission

Each member seated around a large round table under bright florescent lights surround by large LCD panel displaying new feeds, situation reports and satellite maps.

Xi: I call into session this emergency meeting. Thank you for attending on such short notice gentlemen. Let's us start with an update from Admiral Liu on our current preparations.

Liu: Thank you Mr. President. Reports from our 1st, 3rd and 7th fleets in the South China Sea observe a large Quadrathi presence. However, they have come to a stop around our Military Defense Zone in the South China Sea.

Wei: I'm a little surprised they didn't come in with guns blazing with all their boasting.

Liu: Heh. Sir, I don't think they could, even if they tried. With an antiquated military that's barely half the size of our forces, we have the material, supply and morale advantage. The South China Sea, by all intends and purposes is a Chinese lake.

Shi: And what of the mainland and Taiwan? You do realize half our economy is on the Coast right? What are you doing to defend those?

Liu: You needn't worry about that. If somehow, they land, whatever they have left - and not much - will have to storm our fortified landing positions.

Shi: And if those don't hold?

Liu: Well, we have mobilized reservists and dispersed them throughout the Urban centres, it will be a mano-a-mano fight in the streets.

Shi: Citizens? Your backup plan is to arm hipsters and baristas?

Liu: They will give the Quadrathi a hard enough time. We're playing on our own field while their lines will be stretched thin. Even if all resistence is elimiated on Taiwan; we have rigged every facility to blow; we have missles ready to scortch the whole island. It will be a lot of blood for an island of ash.

Shi: And the coast? The Mainland? You're talking about the Emperor of Quadrath. He leveled Mount Fuji if you've forgotten.

Liu: As I said, we'll give'em hell. Our strategic forces are prepared sir, to trade blow for blow with Quadrath. We will level city for city. MIRV, Hyersonic Glide Vehicle, and strategic bombers are already on stand-by. There'll be nothing left of them.

Shi: You're mad Admiral! The cost to lives and treasure would be enormous! All for what? To keep an island?

Liu: Not just an island sir! The Chinese people have been on Taiwan since Ancient times! It is our sacred duty to protect ever last inch.

Shi: And trigger a thermonuclear war to do it?

Liu: If that's what it takes! Some of us, at least, are not cowards!

Wei: Enough! Settle down. I have met the Emperor of Quadrath at the Conference of Sendai. He is aloof, but he is a reasonable and rational man. He stopped his ships because he is hoping we'd make the first move. He knows that Sebytania has a presence on Taiwan. If he strikes Taiwan, he strikes EASTO.

Li: Quite right. President Sharapov is a compassionate man. He cares deeply for his citizens. A peaceful evacuation of Sebytanian civilians from Taiawn was a wise move in face of such an abrupt presence of Quadrathi Forces. But Sebytanian forces still remain on the island.

Wei: And what is Sebytania's position exactly?

Li: We have made our concerns known to them through EASTO channels. The Union is currently in deliberation. Much like us. One thing is for sure however. If Quadrath sparks war, then the Union's deliberation will decidedly shift.

Liu: Well that makes it easy. We will entrench on land and harass on the sea. We will strangle Qudrathi lines and starve them home.

Shi: You make it sound like this is a walk in the park. You realize our trade lines run through the Taiwan Strait and the SCS? With the military standoff, nothing is moving south. We are losing billions, industrialists and investors are spooked.

Liu: They can be damned. Putting profit before country, they should all be shot!

Wei: Enough Admiral! Shooting our own in a war? Have you lost your senses?

Liu: I apologize sir, I'm merely stating that business ought not to be a consideration in times like this.

Li: Well not quite. I suspect this whole thing is about business. After the failure of his Asia tour, the Emperor must feel quite isolated from the rest of Asia. Afterall, he aligned himself closely with the now failed "Asian-Union". The Minster of the interior will know of course, that our trade with Quadrath is not insignificant. Our economy accounts for roughly half of their oil and refined exports. Exports that are currently not flowing through the SCS.

Liu: What's your point? I thought this was a strategy meeting, not a investor conference call!

Shi: His point, Admiral, is that Quadrath wants engagement, not war.

Liu: They want Taiwan!

Li: Well. Maybe, they could have a piece.

Liu: What? This is treason!

Li: Not for nothing.

Wei: Please Admiral! What are you thinking Minister Li?

Li: Well. Clearly, there is an opportunity here for lasting peace. If we invite Qudrath in. Then they won't have to rattle their sword any more.

Liu: You're talking about Chinese Citizens become subjects! Slaves!

Li: Not under Quadrathi control. Remember the Shanghai Cooperative Organization?

Wei: That org that became defunct after the collapse of the AU?

Li: Yes, what if we reactivated it? Admitted Qudrath and put Taiwan under the SCO Administration with EASTO and Qudrath. Free open ports for trade. Regulated joint command for military operations.

Adm Liu: So we give away half the farm because they showed up with a shotgun. Now they live next door and guess what? They keep their shotgun?

Li: Well. We can ask for something in return to EASTO. If Quadrath wants in on Taiwan, EASTO should reclaim Socrota. Both islands will be run under the SCO. Prime spots to facilate trade. Mutual military presence ensures the peace.

Wei: How do we know they will buy this?

Li: We don't, but it's heck of a lot better than war.

Liu: One that they can't win! We should be fighting instead of appeasing! I can't believe my ears. Mr. President! Please, stop this nonsense.

Xi: Admiral. We have heard all view points. I now ask for a vote in the Council.

Votes Commence:

Resolution on Negotiations with Qudrath under the SCO Framework

Premier Wei: FOR
Foreign Minister Li: FOR
Interior Minister Shi: FOR
Defense Minster Liu: AGAINST

3-1 FOR. Chairman Tie-Breaker Vote not required.

Xi: The resolution passes. Gentlemen. I hope this overture works to bring the Quadrathi to the table. But I adjourn knowing that we are prepared to meet any challenge. The meeting is now concluded. Godspeed to each of you.