by Max Barry

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Region: Asia


The Holy Emperor was attending the Holy Imperial Senate today in preparation for his meeting with the security council shortly after to discuss the Formosa development.

On his way through the grand halls of the senate, he couldn't help but look up at the beauty of the place; the marbled walls, priceless art and sculptures, regal golden works intertwined with precious carved stones and wood. A true sight to behold.

As he neared the council's chamber doors, the two senate guards saluted and opened the doors for him.

On entering, the Imperial Ministers were already their, chatting with one another.

With the doors closing behind him with a thud, he spoke...

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Gentlemen... I trust you have not been waiting too long... lets be seated and begin."

The men soon dispersed to their respective seats with the aides following behind them.

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"so, where do we begin?", he said as he looked around...

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"Well Sire, we have had communique coming in from two nations thus far in response to the QBC broadcast.

The first came in from Sebytania Television One as an address from Comrade President Sharapov. He has highlighted his concern for a safe and smooth transition of Sebytanian Citizens on Formosa back to Sebytania. This is as one expects. A couple points to he mindful of;
1) Peaceful transition of Union Citizens
2) His recognition of Imperial right to Formosa
3) His request that Sebytanian citizens on the island after the evacuation deadline be allowed to remain as Sebytanian nations
and lastly,
4) This communique is from their national broadcast company and not as an Official Government Communication from the President's Office through Diplomatic channels.

With point 4 in mind, we are uncertain whether these are their Official Government's Position on this matter."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:


Until we are certain about their Government's Official stance, we will have to keep an eye on their actions and ready ourselves for opposition from them."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Agreed, but President Sharapov is a straightforward guy and I trust his words to be genuine.

I am instructing you all to grant his requests and assist in the repatriation of all Sebytanian nations back to their Naval escort. All courtesies are to be afforded to them.

We have a long standing relationship with The Soviet Union of Sebytania and President Sharapov and I don't want to give them any excuse to question our friendship and comradery with them."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"What we should be concerned about is someone closer to Formosa."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Communication & Information:

"Which brings us to the second communique I mentioned.

The Confucian Meritocracy of Chinese Confederacy (CMCC) has openly renounced our right to Formosa and has made clear statements, and I quote, 'an attack on Taiwan is an attack on the Confederacy itself' end quote."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"WAW (sarcastically)

I'm surprised their Council of Old Wind-bags was able to call an assembly. Those aging fossils are relics from an era long past.

I suppose the fact that they are still alive is a testament to their ... whatever...

I'm sure they have readied their forces for any eventualities."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"What we should be concerned about is someone closer to Formosa."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of National Security:

"Their military has ordered full combat readiness and they have taken up a barricade around Formosa to prevent our landing."

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence:

"Our Holy Imperial Naval Pacific and Formosa Fleets will be nearing them soon. Sat/Com indicates they will be in visual range within the hour or so.

My instruction to them thus far was to remain in International Waters until further orders. It's better that we remain in International Waters and let CMCC throw the first punch.

That will only be worse for them... Internationally Diplomatic-wise.

We have the Holy Imperial Naval Arabian, Indian and Ceilonian fleets are prepped and roaring to go. They will escort the Holy Emperor onboard the Holy Imperial Diplomatic Battle Cruiser (Sea Falcon One) to Formosa."

The Holy Emperor of Qudrath:

"Make no mistake gentlemen.

Formosa will be mine once more and their isn't a nation alive today that can stop it from happening.

Qudrath's Military capability is second to none in this region.

I levelled Mt Fuji to a valley in the past during the Great Asian War. That was the final blow that brought about the end to that war.

If the CMCC and their old wind-bags have forgotten that, then I am more than happy to give them a history lesson and demonstration they will never forget... at least for the rest of their short lives."

This those sobering words, the hall became quiet and the fear of the Holy Emperor could be seen on all faces their. It was now that the memories of that great war came flooding back to them in tidal waves. This Emperor was born in the fires of that war and his cruelty and bloodlust flows in his veins along side his blood and unyielding nature. Truly, one of the last great conqueror of this region and one of the few superpower nations.

In the silence the Holy Emperor stood and gave instructions to a Praetorian Guard standing nearby to prepare his transport to the Holy Imperial Diplomatic Battle Cruiser.

As he left, the Holy Imperial Ministers all slowly composed themselves to normalcy and began making their necessary preparations for the upcoming events.

End of Scenario
End IC