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Region: Asia

CCTV Xinwen Lianbo

Today, vacationing Meritocrats were hastily recalled from their Summer break for an Emergency Session of the Assembly by the Council of Experts after the Qudrathi Empire's sudden and aggressive moves to invade Taiwan following its repatriation to the Earth Federation. By the Taiwan Communique of 2016 between the Earth Federation and the Chinese Confederacy, the Meritocracy maintains both robust civilian and military presence on Taiwan. In an unanimous motion, the Assembly of Meritocrats has declared that an attack on Taiwan is an attack on the Confederacy itself.

In response, the Council issued the following statement: "The Chinese Confederacy will not tolerate this display of unprovoked aggression. We urge the Qudrathi Empire to withdraw their forces and seek a peaceful settlement to whatever their grievance may be. While the Meritocracy does not wish to enter a conflict with the Qudrathi Empire, if forced to do so, no effort will be spared to safeguard Harmony in the Asia-Pacific."

In preparation, the Central Military Commission has ordered all forces to enter full-combat readiness and the Navy has established a Military Defense Zone around Taiwan and in the South China Sea. Admiral Liu, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, when questioned today on the Military's preparedness had this to say: "Our Air and Naval forces along with A2AD assets both on shore and at sea are prepared to stop any aggressor in the Region. Additionally, as we speak the Marine Corp and the Army are fortifying our positions in Taiwan and on the Coastal Mainland should full-blown confrontation occur. Make no mistake, our flag was stained red with the blood of our Patriots. From time to time, we must all be prepared to renew this sacrifice. We will exchange blow for blow and are ready to fight to the end!"

In the Ping'An district, black Hongqi Sedans can be seen in and out of embassy compounds, no doubt carrying high-level diplomatic officials caught off-guard by this chaotic development. Foreign Minister Li tried to reassured the public when caught exiting the Ministry's steps: "Look, we have to remain calm. We are working this situation out with our diplomatic contacts to avoid any further escalation. Whatever differences we have, we can resolve them better across a table than across battle-lines."

Keep your television on CCTV as we continue to bring updates from this developing story.

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