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Region: the South Pacific

Erinor wrote:TFW you're mentioned in a somewhat vitriolic WA campaign telegram...

EDIT: Oh, and a dispatch:

The following was authorised and telegrammed by the Delegate's Office of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, concerning the current climate of the World Assembly:

To the Delegates of the World Assembly.

We're NOT writing to you now to encourage you to vote. We're writing to you to tell you truth.

So, where do we start? Well, how about we use the current resolution at vote in the General Assembly, Repeal GAR#408 A Ban on Secret Treaties, as stimulus.

Funnily enough, if you were to remove the votes cast by Delegate Siwale (1,179) and Delegate Erinor (605) then (at the time of this telegram's writing) the FOR vote would be well ahead.

Do you think it's fair that two nations command just under 1,800 votes between them? "But they've been endorsed! We trust them!" Well, that's true...except for the fact that nations who've endorsed a delegate can also vote.

It's interesting, when you think about it, that nations who elect to have another nation represent them are still able to represent themselves.

And let's not forget the corruption spread throughout the World Assembly (and trust us, we can smell corruption, hailing from our particular Confederation). We all know Delegate Imperium Anglorum has authored a plethora of resolutions. The block alliance he has created ensures that his faction's monopoly over the World Assembly will continue unchecked. Anecdotally, he sent out a telegram to his region instructing all WA nations to vote against our repeal proposal after we supposedly made plans to invade Europe. Which...we didn't. Case in point.

What's more, the General Assembly Secretariats have failed in their duties. You can read more about that particular mishap here. The Imperial Empire is calling for the Secretariats to explain themselves, and for there to be consequences.

If our proposal is defeated, we intend to resubmit it, with new evidence having come to light.

We truly believe the World Assembly's days are numbered, if issues within its dimly-lit corridors are not addressed.

This telegram will also form the basis of a forum thread entitled "Flaws of the World Assembly", where the discussion can be continued.

Make no mistake: the first part of this is not an attack on Delegate power. It's merely stating something that should, well, be stated.

Towards a new World Assembly.

Hail the Confederation!

Delegate's Office
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

12th July 2018

Read dispatch

Damn, from the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators! :O

"Hey, how edgy can we look as a region? Let's be dictators, corrupt, *and* a Confederation"

Also, that's a pretty nonsensical argument they're pushing.