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Region: Austro Hungarian Empire

Whoever is starting thier own real life country even if you start out virtual, you may think about joining this region(The Real United Micronations) so we can help eachother out of how to make your own currencies, stamps, passports, citizenship applications, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, pick a government style, help with economic or population growth, help make flags becoming real, etc. We help all Micronations, from virtual to real and from small to big. Making your own country in real life is 100% legal and you must doit by the book, doing it thru conflict will not work(thats only for opressed nations such as Zimbabwe, Mauritania or North Korea, etc.) If you do not want to join this region but still want to get support and advices. I suggest making a new profile representing your nation and put it in this region. Then we can discuss recognition, treaties, trade all that good stuff. Thank you for hearing this. We don't use the policies of this game, this region is like a Virtual Embassy to other Micronations and interested people. So this is not a recruiting post. Hope to hear from some of you, if you have any questions contact me on here or look at our discord in the region and find me. I believe making a new profile to place in our region or joining this region in general can help with communication faster and easier but its entirely optional.

~ Prime Minister of the Queendom of Nyx