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Region: The Monarchist Entente

The sanders empire

Jakeoiria wrote:Sounds like the defenders are pretty incompetent or to complacent to stop us raiders

With an experienced and skilled point, we should be able to repel all fendas easily. The first 26 hours are by far the hardest. The rest is easy. For now, the fendas seem to have given up. Still retain your endorsement though. There may be more reinforcements coming soon. Also, the regional officers need influence to banject fendas. I, for one, don't have nearly enough influence to banject most of the fendas. Also, border control can only be dished out every 26 hours, so it'll be about a week until all regional officers have border control. By that time, the bulk of the defender force should be defeated and we should be close to password locking and refounding this region.

Corantia, Ente ente, and Eenrandomnation