by Max Barry

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Region: Wintreath

Umaes natives wrote:The Umaeian warriors were shocked. The cavalry charge had just been completely obliterated. Many were scared, but the general of the great army, now with reinforcments, numbered 90,000 spear warriors and axe warriors. Maybe, if they all charged, the could overhwelm the small army of only 30,000 Azuran infantry.

The archers, numbering 2,000, filled the air with arrows which were aimed at the Azurans and Allouxians.

The whole army charged foward, in rage. As they charged, they could see the Allouxians march their army over the hills to where the Azurans were.

"Load the canons, Infantry form up for advance" ordered Colonel Von Ruesch. He then put on his helmet which represented the skull of a Ebon Dragon "When I give the signal, annihilate the enemy" said the Colonel as he then road his horse to the cavalry which had hidden themselves on the flank of the Umaeians. After a short ride the colonel reached the Hussars and gave them a few words of encouragement. "Men, today we show the Umaeans and even the world the might of the Autarch and the Reich. These warriors are here for one reason and one reason only. To kill. So like them we must become savages in battle. Stay with me, hold the line" said the Colonel as he drew his saber. "Now" he ordered to a Hussar who fired a small crossbow with the bolt lit on fire into the air. The signal was seen by the cannon crews behind the lines. "FIRE" ordered the officer in charge of the cannons, some of them being loaded with special cannon balls that when they hit would unleash a flammable liquid that would ignite after hitting the ground. Many of the Umaeian warriors where engulfed in the flames or blown to pieces by cannon fire. While the cannons bombarded the Umaeans the infantry fixed their bayonets, "Forward....March!" ordered an officer to his men and so on was the order relayed to the rest of the infantry. The Allouxians marched forward with their bayonets facing toward to the enemy. The sight of the soldiers marching forward completely undisturbed with the canons going off and Umaean warriors screaming in agony as some of them where on fire created a truly terrifying sight. "Pace and Fire" ordered the officer. The soldiers in the front of the formation fired their rifles and then moved behind allowing the row behind them to fire. The Umaeans trying to charge where quickly mowed down by volley after volley. Then the sound of war cries could be heard as the Hussars charged the Umeans on their right flank with Colonel Von Ruesch leading the attack. The Hussars pointed their sabers forward soon smashing into the Umeans, trampling or slicing scores of warriors.

Behind the lines Von Ruesch's lieutenants watched through their telescopes. "Our Colonel while brave and noble I fear is a mad man" said one of the lieutenants. "Yes but that Madman has won many battles, him being there with his men in battle helps boost moral" said another lieutenant. "Soon our mad Colonel will be a mad General from what I hear. Autarch Allo himself will grant the promotion once we return." said the lieutenant. A messenger from the cannon crew apporached the group. "Sir the Infantry is getting close with the enemy" reported the messenger. "Cease fire on the forward lines re concentrate on their reserves. Trap them." Ordered the lieutenant. "Yes sir" said the messenger as he road back to the cannon crews.

OOC: Cote Azure you should advance your men in unison with mine.