by Max Barry

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Region: Wintreath

Umaes natives

Cote Azure wrote:The Azuran main infantry, armed with their muskets, stood at attention. They knew they were superior to the so called 'savages', but the sight of one thousand horse warriors charging their lines sent chills down the bravest man's spine.

"Make ready!" Yelled an officer. The long front line of Azuran infantry pointed their rifles up.
"Present!" Yelled the officer again, the infantry pointed their rifles at the enemy.
"FIRE!" The azuran muskets went off. A wall of led struck the charging cavalry.
"FIRE!" Yelled the officer again. The second line fired another volley, again striking the cavalry.
"FIRE!" The third line fired. This was the most devastating volley, and many horses fell.

Left & Right flank

The flag was raised for the sharpshooters, whos orders were to now pick off stragglers who had survived the volley. The sharposhhoters, using their Azuran long rifles, started to pick off individual targets. Especially what seemed to be high ranking officers, such as Chieftans.

Not all horses were killed, but most were.

The Umaeian warriors were shocked. The cavalry charge had just been completely obliterated. Many were scared, but the general of the great army, now with reinforcments, numbered 90,000 spear warriors and axe warriors. Maybe, if they all charged, the could overhwelm the small army of only 30,000 Azuran infantry.

The archers, numbering 2,000, filled the air with arrows which were aimed at the Azurans and Allouxians.

The whole army charged foward, in rage. As they charged, they could see the Allouxians march their army over the hills to where the Azurans were.