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Region: World Assembly

Anonymous nation wrote:SERIOUSLY?

At least do something here this time if you’re going to keep it.

I could come on board with that. I am getting more and more free time as my busy season wraps up, so I could be around NS more often. It'll probably be September before I'm at 100% though as I've still got a major RL project over my head until end of August.

I am currently without a home region. I was removed from my home region St Abbaddon quite a while ago, but, I have been to busy IRL to do much since then. I haven't decided where I'll spend time in NS. This region would be as good a fit as any, after all I've got 14 WA resolutions under my belt back in the day. I'm sure I'm rusty, but I didn't have this region for no reason. I was once a pretty active WA Author and I was an important person in the early period of the Security Council. I like your idea for running the region as though it were a mock WA. You had some pretty good ideas to build on.

Soooo.. Want to keep going?