by Max Barry

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Region: Valkia

The North Lands is probably dripping in corruption by definition, but I suppose the important thing to note is that certain luxuries that exist in the South Lands don't translate over. Resources are limited in an arctic wasteland, populated by aggressive folk who are determined to live by any means necessary, and you aren't going to get much more straightforward than somebody threatening to slash your throat. There are likely a few areas of society where there's some form of organized government, but in competition with people not adverse to using violence to accomplish their means, they probably are not unwilling to engage in their own underhanded methods for self-preservation.

Long story short, the honest folk of the South Lands probably don't live long in the North Lands.

The Commonwealth probably is a little bit better at managing their affairs to a level where polite, civilized society exists, but given that the country is split between a military dictatorship, aristocratic monarchy, and occupied territories that all have to be managed; there is probably an 'acceptable' amount of corruption going on.