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Region: Wintreath

Allouxia wrote:OOC: You're alive! :D
Yes it did come with strings, I said no weapons factories which is basically all he makes. French Albania it basically was a loan. I gave GB all that aid in hopes his economy would become prosper and be able to pay it back. Now since he's sponsoring terrorism I grabbed him by the balls and squeezed my money out.

i make other things thank you very much, i make enormous amount of electronics, also my manufacturing part of my economy is the smallest part of it, my economy is very serviced based, also i would have been paying back all this money i owe you

Allouxia wrote:Some 40% of you economy was made by Allouxia. I just destroyed your manufacturing. Which you claim to have now payed 65% now. Well what money needs to come from somewhere. Loans, Taxes, or just printing more money and destroying the value of your currency. Raise taxes and your citizens are gonna loose it or take ungodly high loans form other countries with insanely high interest rates. Allouxia has just waged economic war on you.

my tax rate is already high and i can just divert part of other parts of my budget, i would mainly be squeezing off police has my crime rate is extremely low