by Max Barry

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Region: Wintreath

Cote Azure wrote:Buck took another SST, and they held down covering fire as Buck ran with Hanze. The teams both layed down covering fire. Buck and Hanze finally arrived at the ridge. Buck pulled out his SAT phone and made the call.

"This is Hastati-1 requesting immediate--" Buck could not finish his sentence, because three bullets hit him in the chest. Two bullets bounced off his armor plating, but the third hit him between his plating, spun him like a top, and he fell dropping the SAT phone. Hunter (the other SST) turned his back to grab the SAT phone, and finished the conversation.

"We need help-" 4 bullets hit Hunter in his newly exposed back, and blood spilled from his mouth. He continued to speak.

"Theres so many. Pleas hurry." Just like that, Hunter took his last breath.

Buck, still on the ground, layed down covering fire in the exposed spot, unaware that Hunter had died.

Insurgents quicky moved down the ridge firing at Buck and Hanze, Hanze tried his best to hold his ground killing a dozen or so insurgents as they close in on them. His rifle clicked, he's out. Hanze reached for another magazine from his vest but they where all gone he had run out of ammo, Hanze realzing that if he didn't do something quick they would both be dead, he pulled out his pistol and started firing, one insurgent tried to tackle hanze but he threw him off and shot him two times in the throat. A mist of blood hit Hanze in the face. Hanze ripped off his dog tag, gave it to buck and pushed him off the cliff the fall while high was not fatal only making Buck roll for 20 or so yards. The fire intensified then fell silent, Hanze just sacrificed himself to save Buck.