by Max Barry

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Region: Wintreath

Allouxia wrote:RPGs and gunfire rained down on the SSTs and I.G. Operator, a lucky RPG went off near one of the SSTs launching him into the air and out of cover, an I.G. operator ran out to drag him back to safety, dragging the Azuran by the strap of his vest while firing with his R-7 Carbine in the other, just as he got the SST back into cover he was shot multiple times in the back and collapsed onto the ground. "Man Down!" yelled Ronsin the team medic trying to keep the downed operator alive, he died in his arms. The situation was not looking good for the SSTs and Reaper-04, "That's a bad idea" said Kollmann to Buck. "The second you get on that ridge you'll be taking fire from every fking haji" said Kollmann as he shot and killed two insurgents with his R-14a2 assault rifle, the insurgent's lifeless bodies rolled down the hill. "I'll go with him Sir!" yelled Hanze running over to them. "I'll go with you, I'll try to get them off you as much as I can while you make that call" said Hanze. "Dammit, you two better make it back here". Another RPG went off lodging sharp rocks into the group by this point everyone including the I.G. operators have all been shot at least twice, Kollman had already been shot in the left leg, upper chest, and lower back. "Cover fire!" yelled Kollmann as he got up along with the other I.G. Operators and the remaining SSTs lighting up the mountain the insurgents where shooting at them from. "Go!" yelled Kollmann to Hanze and Buck. For a brief moment the SSTs and I.G. Operators had turned the tables and heavily suppressed the insurgents, particularity sergeant Koegel. Reaper-04's sniper become one with his weapon rapidly locking onto an insurgent and putting precise shots into their chest, throat, or head.

Buck took another SST, and they held down covering fire as Buck ran with Hanze. The teams both layed down covering fire. Buck and Hanze finally arrived at the ridge. Buck pulled out his SAT phone and made the call.

"This is Hastati-1 requesting immediate--" Buck could not finish his sentence, because three bullets hit him in the chest. Two bullets bounced off his armor plating, but the third hit him between his plating, spun him like a top, and he fell dropping the SAT phone. Hunter (the other SST) turned his back to grab the SAT phone, and finished the conversation.

"We need help-" 4 bullets hit Hunter in his newly exposed back, and blood spilled from his mouth. He continued to speak.

"Theres so many. Pleas hurry." Just like that, Hunter took his last breath.

Buck, still on the ground, layed down covering fire in the exposed spot, unaware that Hunter had died.