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Region: Wintreath

Allouxia wrote:-August 5th 1961, Pluverq, Rejik
The Jägers of Kilo Company, 1st Jägers set of onto a patrol in the jungle. The Navy has apparently bombarded the sector we where approaching nothing should be alive out here. Most of us were naive thinking that it would be just like another day, absolute boredom. We approached the ruins of a village "Fan out and sweep the area, anyone still here is an enemy combatant" said our Lt, all was quite when we entered the village, or what remained of it anyway

August 8th 1961, Hill 234, Pluverq, Rejik
Today we made first contact with the enemy, we were tasked with taking a hill overlooking our beachhead. Before we advanced we watched ME-209s bomb the place to he'll so most of us were certain that the place would be empty. Our Lt took point about half up the hill we heard a single gunshot, our Lt dropped and before any of us could react rockets came in knocking everyone down, the we begun to take MG fire. "Where the fk is that coming from?!" yelled someone behind me before getting hit directly in the helmet.