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The liberal provisional government

Roger Nash Baldwin founding member of the ACLU
Harry Belafonte singer, civil rights and social activist
Edward Bellamy utoptian socialist author
Victor L. Berger Socialist Party of America congressman
Earl Browder Communist Party leader
Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers leader
Noam Chomsky dissident academic
Angela Davis Communist Party leader
Dorothy Day founding member of the Catholic Worker Movement
Daniel De Leon Marxist theoretician and newspaper editor
Eugene V. Debs Socialist Party of America leader and presidential candidate
David Dellinger Socialist Party of America leader and pacifist
W. E. B. Du Bois civil rights activist
Albert Einstein physicist
William Z. Foster Communist Party leader
Emma Goldman anarchist activist
Laurence Gronlund utopian socialist author
Gus Hall Communist Party leader and presidential candidate
Dashiell Hammett author
Michael Harrington democratic socialist activist
Tom Hayden New Left activist
Bill Haywood IWW labor activist
Abbie Hoffman Yippie activist
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones IWW labor activist
Irving Howe democratic socialist activist
Tom Kahn social democratic, civil rights and labor activist
Helen Keller author and activist
Martin Luther King Jr. democratic socialist and civil rights activist
Jack London author
Meyer London Socialist Party of America congressman
A. J. Muste pacifist, labor and civil rights activist
Immanuel Ness labor activist
A. Philip Randolph civil rights and labor leader
John Reed journalist
Paul Robeson actor, civil rights and labor activist
Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. President who implemented New Deal social programs
Jerry Rubin Yippie activist
Bayard Rustin pacifist and civil rights activist
C. E. Ruthenberg Communist Party leader
Bernie Sanders Independent democratic socialist Senator and Democratic presidential candidate of 2016 election
Margaret Sanger reproductive rights and labor activist
Max Shachtman Marxist theorist and activist
Upton Sinclair investigative author and socialist politician
Jill Stein - Green Party presidential candidate
I. F. Stone journalist
Norman Thomas Socialist Party of America leader and presidential candidate
Henry A. Wallace Franklin Roosevelt's Vice President and Progressive Party presidential candidate
Richard D. Wolff dissident academic
Cornel West dissident academic
Howard Zinn dissident academic