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Region: Wintreath

Cote Azure wrote:Thalasus

So, you gonna buy my stuff?

500 of all types of missiles. Im still wondering about your ships and aircraft though.

Cote Azure wrote:Eh, you're all soft

What would be soft is just to ignore someone making a mockery of the extermination of an entire people during the largest war in civilization. Im all for non-PC humor, but please grow some god damn moral backbone.

Not to mention it was directed at Yevraziyskaya rus, one of my friends, as a threat. I wont stand for that at all and youre lucky Im still willing to entertain you in this region for defending it. Im happy that Wintermoot was willing and able to act accordingly, and I wont miss Provincial America.

Wintermoot, Yevraziyskaya rus, and The vinlandian islands