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Region: Wintreath

If 'offensive humor' has been allowed to fly before, it's because the RMB has been so poorly moderated in the past. Most of the government and administration are based in other areas of Wintreath, and the RMB was never really active until the last year or so. However, some seriously poor behaviour here over the past few months has come to our attention, behaviour that in one case required the intervention of NS moderation, and as a result I'm paying more attention to what goes on here.

In fairness, Provincial America wasn't banned for his comment to Yevraziyskaya Rus, he was simply informed that his comment went a little too far when it came to our guidelines. He was only banned when he continued to troll in response, showing that he clearly had no regard for the rules of this community.

Wintreath is a community that both strives to be a warm and personable community as well as a community that allows for free speech and discussion, so long as that speech is civil. However, telling someone to 'get gassed' in response to their sexuality crosses a line, and trying to troll the founder telling him so was just a very bad idea. Besides just not being funny at all, it reflects badly on the rest of the community when that's the first thing a new or potential member sees.

And 'lol it's a joke' just doesn't excuse it.

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