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Region: Agheasma

The Union Moves
Dylan Edwards walked across the newly finished capital building in Detroit, he sighed wondering what was in store for the Great Lakes Union in the future. He had a goal, one to unite America and Canada once again. So much had been done under the new Government, including wiping out all Bourgeoisie sentiment that had previously so heavily divided the nation and people. The economic classes having already become vastly more equal than before. With a mix of Syndicalist and Totalist policies regarding the economy allowing a mix of total and independent control to a degree of the economy to both the people and Government. Thus, moving to establish an efficient economy under the Workers and Governments control together in order to build a new Union of Socialist power within the world. Dylan Edwards looked out on the Detroit skyline, once before a city of failure, segregation and destruction, now a city of unity, strength and prosperous society. The 3 and 4 year plans implemented by the new regime had managed to reduce corruption, crime and economic failure by a large portion once the Union was borne through execution of the higher level offenders and reformation and labor camps for the minor and median level offenders to the State. Despite that, much had yet to be done, while the Union retained a powerful military after the United States fall and had even managed to build a new force, it's opponents still remained, which would soon change over time.

Social & Cultural Aspects of the Great Lakes Union
The staunch Social aspects of the Union are far and wide egalitarianism, removal of racism, although homophobia is openly encouraged and gays are often forced to hide their true views or face severe punishments and or be sent to reformation camps. Free speech is allowed as long as it doesn't speak out against the Government or it's institutions unless there's evidence of Corruption or Capitalist favor in the system. Journalists who often come to the country to report have all items checked and are even given cavity searches to enter. Despite this, major reforms were made to the Prison system, including abolishing Private systems and ensuring that the Prison Act: 1967 Cinder, which required all prisons to go under restructuring processes resulting in a multitude of prisons like the Piotrkow prison in Poland. Meant to crush all hope and gangs in their tracks, including ensuring it's an essential place for legitimate reformation. With academic boards and centers being established in all prisons, allowing offenders to gain skills and an education within the walls before their release. Which has barred any employers from denying someone a job for past offenses, as it's seen as being capitalist and a recurring cycle in which one can not find success. Including this, the music of the Union that's most popular includes Folk, Metal, Rock, Country, Rap but with Electronic and Laborwave being the most popular with Hip Hop and Metal coming in a close second, Rock a third and Country and folk fourth.

One Syndicate in particular wishes to develop the first Android in the world, calling it a move to revolutionize society in a new wave. To establish a sect of society dedicated to certain duties some people can't commit to. Despite this, it's suspected this project will take time and cost a large sums of money, which has led it to become crowdfunded rather than Government funded, who's even established it's own hands in online currency through special Internet divisions, to bring in more monetary gains for the regime, but also slowly gain a a larger control over the online market within their country and abroad. Especially included with this, the Union's Cyber divisions are often active in their operations abroad and at home for their various duties and operations. Although their existence is unknown or even closely guarded to where little people would know their name. Lastly, the Union is fully open to immigration, the only requirements being English and full knowledge of the regime, it's history, their loyalty and their ideological views. Which is heavier scrutinized depending on the country they come from. Although, many who come would often find the Government watches them closely for the first few months and has them enter a job force of their choosing to ensure foreign agents find it hard or even impossible to commit for certain missions especially in a given or small time frame. With most citizens being allowed to own assault weapons, or rifles for defense purposes within the home, only Pistols can be concealed and carried, however assault rifles are allowed in rural areas for open carry, it's subject to detainment at the officers will. With most police being Paramilitary, or issued their own assault rifles to carry on their persons at all times, it ensures that most offenders will think twice before firing on officers.

Military Moves
The Union not wanting to waste any time quickly begins to make moves, moving forces approximately 90,000 to the Midwest border and 250,000 to the Canadian border in secret for preparation of what Dylan Edwards told his military command and inner cabinet the First move to reestablishing control of our fellow people, for a stronger and safer Americas, in which no man is a slave to corporations. This has not been told to anyone below the Chairman's closest board or advisers however, due to the secrecy of it's involvement concerning the rest of America. The plan will be to cripple and military and defensive capabilities these countries have when the offensive begins before they can respond although, it's unknown whether it'll work as intended the doctrine has been altered to fit within Combined Arms but with an aspect of the People's Revolution at the same time. To ensure loyalty of the troops and the ability to spread propaganda at a lightning pace wherever the forces move to the citizens and land the encounter. Any potential fears that could arise with this sudden movement of troops, has been noted as movement of troops for preparations of large scale training to bring them back up to modern standards, despite the lie, cannot be proven either way, without Government issued authorization of inspection of the forces.

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