by Max Barry

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Region: Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective

Protofascism characterizes much of the history of the world. One of the key features of modernity has a break with ethnicism, racism, and provincialism. However, the break was never complete. Contemporary neofascists—such as nazism, alt–rightism, neo–confederalism, white identitarianism and nationalism, nativism, ôðalism or odalism, thuleanism, xenophobia, the neo–folkish movement (German, die neo–völkisch Bewegungen), and an assemblage of ultra–right creeds—are yearning for a return to the old and traditionalism (even if it is partially imaginary). Julius Evola, with his far–right version of the esoteric Traditionalist School, is an example from recent history.

These neo–fascists are looking to an idealized, and partially imaginary, Eurocentric past.