by Max Barry

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Region: Wintreath


Allouxia wrote:-Autarch's Palace-
Inside the briefing room sit Secretary of Defense Anna Kritz and the director of the NIS Michael Röul (National Intelligence Service) "Your Highness, says Mr. Röul, we've tapped into some Thalasi satellites in orbit over Allouxia, there monitoring our troop movements we at the moment do not know their reason for doing so." "I promise you it's likely because of Secretary McNarma, interrupts Mrs. Kritz, that bastards a bone to pick with us. 4th Reg. IG surveillance teams are reporting that he is ordering the Thalasi military to keep an eye on us. Now normally this isn't much of an issue but now it's becoming quite frustrating." says Anna. "Get me on a vidoe call with President Mercer" Orders Autarch Allo. "I will try to ask him to get Mr.Narma to calm down."

”Why am I getting calls from Allouxia, Guy?”
President Mercer rubbed his eyes. He hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Felicia’s newly-discovered pregnancy was causing him immense anxiety. Ashton somehow managed to keep his calm when avoiding economic catastrophe and dealing with war and disaster, but the idea of fatherhood terrified him. He must be some kind of sociopath.
The Defense Secretary shrugged. “I don’t know. We haven’t mobilized against them or anything.”
“They mentioned you by name. They said they know you’re monitoring their major troop movements by satellite.”
“Yeah, of course we are. That’s what those satellites are there for.”
“They want you to move the satellites or stop.”
“You know that’s not an option, Mr. President.”
“I do, but they don’t.”
“Mr. President...”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” President Mercer sighed. “I’ll get to it.”
He called back the video number that had called him earlier to explain himself.

Cote Azure wrote:*