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Region: Wintreath


Allouxia wrote:Allouxia is now in a state of preparation for War. ("peace time mobilization")
OOC: Really don't feel like fighting another war but this seems to be the logical thing to do since some countries seem to be on the brink and I'm allied with some of those nations.

Allouxia wrote:- Allouxian News Network -
"The order has been given by Secretary of Defense to begin quote "peace time mobilization" in response to tensions in the international community. We've just received word that the 1st and 2nd fleets have just moved to the Uos Sea. Along with the 3rd and 4th and 5th fleets have moved into defensive positions towards the west of Allouxia. well now take you live to a train yard that has been seen transporting various armored vehicles and tanks,

as you can see behind me" says the news lady. "Cart after cart has passed by carrying tanks, and armored vehicles, we don't know what the military is getting ready for but we all hope that it isn't another war"

Thalasus has been silent in the face of news about their strained sort-of partner Allouxia, but military command at the Sept on Jacinta Island is watching the movements closely via satellite and signals intelligence.