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Region: Wintreath

Danceria wrote:Danceria would also like to extend their congrats and wish them a very happy Triumph Day, as the two nations "have much in common, wresting independence and self-determination of government from oppressive regimes. Though we may have taken different paths, it is in the strength of those who uphold the law, greatness and sovereignty of a nation shall that nation endure and thrive", according to His Majesty, Aramer IX Elurin. Though such statements have caused a sense of unease amidst Escanthean born Dancerians, and those adhering to the Orthodox Church, as Escanthea had made Danceria its surezain in the past.
In unrelated news, His Excellency, Thane Aceus Elurin has come of age, and is currently looking to study abroad to cement Danceria's relations in the international community. Some traditionalist nobles protest that the Thane ought to "rule his own house before he bursts into another", fortune has allowed that Aceus' grandfather remain the current King of Danceria. Succession laws allow for Aceus (as his grandfather has declared in his will) to ascend to the throne upon "death or deposition". We now bring you the weather report...

"Just what the hell is this?!" An enraged foreign minister barked into his phone as the statement was aired on the Television in the corner of the room. Danceria was supposed to be a friend to Escanthea in these transitionary times, yet it paradoxically seemed like they were only slipping from the Imperial sphere as the Escantheans opened themselves up.
The Emperor would certainly be less than amused by this news as well, so he needed to act quickly.
The name was such a simple one, but it was a name that would do them a lot of good if he could get this right.
"We could invite Aceus to study here! The Imperial University has housed countless monarchs! It would placate at least some of the Dancerian traditionalists to have him stay in a proper aristocracy as well. But Aramer, it wouldn't be his first choice, clearly. We need to get to the princeling directly. Contact the ambassador! I've a job for him..."