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Region: Renegade Islands Alliance

Barren silver wrote:I didn't. I voted for a week. You're actions and attitudes in the coalition were extreme and clouded, it demanded reprecussions.
Can I stop it when you offended nearly every nation in CIN? I sat out of the debates that you were involved in, showing your behavior and intentions.
*Other News*
Due to the recent falling out of CIN nations and the Kingdom of Candro, Candro will no longer host the capital complex of CIN. CIN forces stationed on Unity Island will now be evacuating the island and forfetting it to the Kingdom of Candro as it was their territory. The Complex will be stripped bare and left empty by the end of the month when the last of the forces of CIN are estimated to leave. There has been no news as to where the new capital of CIN will be.

Can the process be sped up in any capacity?