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Region: The Leftist Assembly

Losinia wrote:How could I have possibly passed anything in the GA without a majority approval from the cabinet that's never there? We can pass legislation all day long to keep them on their word buy at the end of the day we can't literally force them to log on,it's an online game and it's up to them. The only way out of that is a Vote of No Confidence. I had hoped that removing Celera would have struck some sense into them but it seems as if I was wrong.
There have only ever been 3 people who have expressed any kind of dissatisfaction with the way things are going: You, Llorens, and Cedoria. You three claim to represent a portion of our government and people meanwhile there is not sort of protest or upheaval on the rmb, only your grumbling. Your constitutional amendment has done nothing to stem the cancer that is inactivity as once again it can't force people to log on.
Believe me, I have consulted other alternatives outside of your advice. When I did listen to your advice, it ended in us making embarrassing public statements apologizing for our actions. It was by your advice that we abolished the UAF and it was by your advice that we removed Tuva and replaced him with yet another inactive minister. The two major issues that have hounded this administration are by the advice of my ministers, those that even bother to show up I might add.
Do you realize what will happen if I am ousted and you are placed in charge? You will be given an inactive cabinet in disarray, a defunct military that has members but never acts because the MoD never appears, and a population continuing to be agitated by the unfolding chaos. Tell me, if you truly love this region, why would you want to send it into even more chaos? Voting No is the only option

You really haven't ever consulted alternatives at least not within the discussion, and when you did consult me you actively ignored what I was trying to say, my idea to abolish the UAF was meant to be significantly more radical and you made it a name change. Even if we were to assume that I was the only one dissatisfied with government, you only have four ministers that ever show up at all, that's a margin of 25%, and I'm not the only one, Libertasnia has regularly announced his dissatisfaction, you always shift the blame and ignore reality, you literally just tried to shift the blame to me for our governments failures. We'll be fine if you're removed, we won't fall apart, you aren't that unifying of a leader at all Losinia, I don't hate you or even dislike you, but I don't think you're capable of managing all of this and it needs to be ended. You blame your ministers but you've never actually thrown out plans yourself, you always asked us to do it for you. where are your policies? nowhere, they never showed up and they probably never would have. The secretary can't always rely on his government, nor should he try to. This is not gonna work for the next two months and your constant attempts to make yourself a victim are tiring.