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Region: Renegade Islands Alliance

The Kerguelen Archipelago wrote:Ok, if someone is messing up real bad with RP and is continually not getting it, PLEASE direct them to the forums and let them know they can get a mentor there, rather than continually putting them down. Shaming a new nation (and I think Barren Silver is right, it's very likely that they are 10-13 years old) for being bad at RP is really not the way I'd like our region to handle things.

Not only was everyone very polite and friendly despite his purposeful trolling, I was extremely patient with them, and did my best to offer advice and explain things time and time again. Ad did everyone. No one "put him down" or said anything out of place to him. No one here is to blame for that person leaving on his 7th threat to do so other then him. It's not our fault that he was 10-13, I suspected as much and still did my best to keep a level head and appropriate speech when talking with him.

It's not that he was bad at RP. It's that he consistently refused to listen to one thing anyone was telling him. Still, everyone was very patient right until the end. You are unfair in your assessment of what happened sir.

I very much doubt he would have been interested in the forums. He rejected the discord app and he probably wouldn't have understood the forums.

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