by Max Barry

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Region: Antifa

Axis Nations Alliance A X A has been destroyed by the mighty Anti-Fascist Warriors of The MT Army.

Formally Nazi and a member region of the Anti Antifa Alliance, it shall now serve as a museum against HATE in perpetuity.

Former WFE:

Anti Antifa Alliance Dispatch:

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

- Point/Lead: Ale Clues (Vippertooth33).

- Thephantomzone/Baklavas (Mytonia).
- Kan Fly Pro/Dingen Ser (Phuture Musick).
- Rayyyyy/Battlecucks (Samnyaku).
- Richbeams/Rockliff (Taylorswiftempire).
- Konig-prussia/Platinum platypus (Golden Hind).
- Ladgelian/Eidess (Blunt speakers).
- Crownlager/Sloppysecondsoncore (Craziwolf).

Logistics/Support from The Red Fleet:

- Mootani (Zulanka).
- Timchi

Support from The Order of the Grey Wardens:


Once again the Nazis are defeated, Nordic saxony (Originally from NAZI EUROPE) continues to lose every region they create, and the Anti Antifa Alliance has lost a member region to the very organisation they are against.

Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”