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Region: Antifa

The MT Army Update:

The following regions have been defended/captured by The MT Army:

- Democratic Left

The following regions have been captured by The MT Army:

- Fascist Neurope
- The Axis
- Volksgemeinschaft (Formally owned by NAZI EUROPE)
- Aryan Nations
- Islamic Jihad
- Right Wing Union
- Horst Wessel (Formally owned by The Realm/National Socialist League)
- Kolonien Der Macht (Former ally of The Greater German Reich)
- Union of International Fascists
- The Fascist Empire of Arma
- The Bereich for Total Superiority
- Nazi German Empire
- Alliance Of Dictatorships


- Union of Slave States (Screenshot:
- Bunicken (Screenshots: and

MT Army Anti-Fascist Warriors commended for their invasion efforts:

- Vippertooth33
- Show nuff (Blunt Speakers)
- Mytonia
- Golden Hind
- Crownguard
- Craziwolf

Vippertooth33 "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!!!"