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Region: Antifa

Yet again the NationStates community has stood up and declared that they do not want Nazi hate in our great game.

The NSIA (founded in 2005), the second oldest Nazi region, has been captured and locked down by the Anti-Fascist coalition known as The CAIN (Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism).

The Nazis, although losing The URAP to The MT Army/Antifa had a large enough army to repel any attacking forces…or so they thought.

They managed to gain enough influence to enforce a hidden password in which they knew would assure them victory.

The NationStates community had other ideas. Caelapes proposed Security Council Resolutuion #207 “Liberate the NSIA” (to remove the Nazis password), which passed on the nineteenth of October 2016, 13,431 votes for and 3,738 votes against.


The Nazis, changed their defence operation name into “Operation Antivenom” in an attempt to antagonise Vippertooth33, now paranoid the only native nation within The NSIA, Hans Kammler was another of his old spy nations after what had transpired in The URAP.


With the password removed a force of 84 members hailing from Albion, Europeia, HYDRA Command, The Internationale Brigades, The Invaders, Kingdom of Alexandria, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Lazarus, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Osiris, North Korea, The North Pacific, The Red Fleet, Revolutionary Socialist League, The South Pacific, 10000 Islands, United Kingdom, The MT Army, and The West Pacific seized control of this Nazi stronghold in the Coalition's fight against Nazism.

Spy nation Hans Kammler, (Weather Underground), member of Genesis Defense Project/Libcom/The MT Army used years of built up influence to password the region quickly, removing any hope the Nazis had of regaining their once beloved historical Nazi region.


A huge effort on the NationStates community’s behalf, what a marvellous thing it was to see :)

I would like to commend the following MT Army soldiers who helped make this possible:

- Hans Kammler, (Weather Underground)
- Vippertooth33
- Show nuff (Blunt speakers)
- Shovelton
- Inner moolussia crusanzist (N00b reaper)
- Mytonia
- Crownguard

Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”