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All you fascists bound to lose

Weavu wrote:Well I would, but you know... I got expelled from The Red Fleet due to Misley not liking my former host region, which I still have ties to...

that's not actually why you were expelled from the Fleet, but you know that! :)

Ossendorf wrote:A big difference between the far right and the far left is that presented with a new situation the far left has a tendency to retreat into theoretical analysis of a situation, thus meaning that we never get anything done. This sounds like a bad thing, but better that that the alternative.

The bigger problem in my opinion is the complete fracturing and factionalization of the left.

Ossendorf wrote:The far right, being as their politics is a little more... intuitive... rely on "common sense" and gut feeling, thus precluding analysis. This is exemplified in their rejection of academia and other scholarship. They can act a lot faster because they make no attempt to be conscientious in their action. It's the politics of "I don't care", of simple solutions to complex problems. Junk food politics. No-one ever thought outside the box on the far-right, they just make the box bigger, and scarier, and in the worst cases, genocidal.
What do fellow Red Fleet comrades think? How do we fight this? Must we become populist and junk-food-y ourselves?

We need to make our arguments understandable to modern workers. Most modern workers don't have the time to read and digest and understand Capital, and if they do, that doesn't mean they understand how it applies to their life in the twenty-first century.

I think the rise of new, easy-to-read and easy-to-share professional-looking media like Jacobin is a positive development for the left.

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