by Max Barry

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Region: Bunicken

Perhaps we should have on the RMB a discussion on combating the far right. I'll start:

A big difference between the far right and the far left is that presented with a new situation the far left has a tendency to retreat into theoretical analysis of a situation, thus meaning that we never get anything done. This sounds like a bad thing, but better that that the alternative.

The far right, being as their politics is a little more... intuitive... rely on "common sense" and gut feeling, thus precluding analysis. This is exemplified in their rejection of academia and other scholarship. They can act a lot faster because they make no attempt to be conscientious in their action. It's the politics of "I don't care", of simple solutions to complex problems. Junk food politics. No-one ever thought outside the box on the far-right, they just make the box bigger, and scarier, and in the worst cases, genocidal.

What do fellow Red Fleet comrades think? How do we fight this? Must we become populist and junk-food-y ourselves?