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Region: Cyberia

I made a suggestion for an issue. It's called @Nation@Xit.

or! Oh yea', and anotha' thing! The @@REGION@@ head of money... Or somethin'... Has been too hard on industry! The economy needs to grow!",
[effect] Your new second-in-command, Dronald Tump, is sworn into office.
[stats] economic freedom booms, inclusiveness plummets, law enforcement goes up slightly, the economy slightly drops, intelligence drops slightly, primitiveness grows significantly, residency increases significantly, and political freedom grows a fair bit.

[option] Well known economist and socialist, @@RANDOMNAME@@, has come to your office to try and persuade you to stay. "Yes, terrorism is terrible! But that doesn't mean that we should kick out all migrants! We need to be kind and excepting of all people, I mean, they had to flee their homeland because of war, starvation, persecution, and oppression! Touching on the economic side, if we left @@REGION@@, we would have to renegotiate all of our trade deals! It would not be a good decision, I can say that much.",
[effect] Tourists flock to @Nation@@ just to get some Barathian candy!
[stats] inclusiveness grows significantly, the economy grows slightly, residency drops slightly, government size booms, the auto and arms manufacturing industries drop slightly, and defence forces drop significantly.