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Region: Warzone Airspace

//Transmit Message:
Unclaimed and disputed lands are continued to be scavenged by Drones---
TechTown notes an unusual proportion has already been harvested, due to previous communiques TechTown believes this to have been a result of Kalakar Modus---
In an effort to obtain needed resources to maintain the Skycraft, TechTown will be deploying additional Drones---
TechTown would like to remind other Nations not to attack Drones, as this will activate certain self-defense protocols. Requesting them to depart is the accepted method, using one of the primary communication methods---
/End Message

Low ranking on Regional Information Technology Sector is a shortcoming we are seeking to address---
We assure our customers in the interim that our quality, if not quantity, remains high in cybernetic and virtual areas---
/End Additional