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Region: Atlantian Oceania

'Can you imagine what the Starblaydii will do' <-- Well the real answer was "look up, go 'huh?' and go off to see what the heck is going on". Is that where you're sticking your Jay Industries, Falc? If so I think Leorudo 'renting' a naval base and accompanying city from there would be a decent idea. Plus it'd give you a link and influence right slap bang in the middle of my own sphere of influence in the form of neighbouring (up by the Bekk, at least) Leorudo.

It might lead to some Starblaydi muscle-flexing, or Julius Starblayde out on a smiles-and-handshakes mission to be nice to everyone. Or both, I dunno. I hadn't got any plans in regards to expansion/influence on new bits of land, so just kinda run with this and see what happens. i should have a little bit more time soon to start RPing national goings on in the region soon, so it's a great time for everyone to show off how strong they are, before the purple menace yells "Hi boys, I'm ba-ack!" ;)