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We love James Bond! We watched Casino Royale with Daniel Craig and Quantum of Solace back to back last weekend. We are seriously fighting the urge to buy The Bond Collection on BluRay that was just released. We have to fight the urge because we have them all on DVD now (with the two new ones on BluRay).

Glad you mentioned Bedlam Channelview! We watched the first season last year. This year is the second season, but as far as we can tell, you will not be missing much if you jump in now. The only carry over is that they will be looking for the guy that left at the end of the last season. Basically it is about the Bedlam Insane Asylum being turned into luxury condos and is haunted by ghosts of previous residents and the main character has to help them "cross over". At least that is what it was about last season.

And, if you are remotely into that Hex also premieres on BBC America after Bedlam. It is about a school for young witches who incur the wrath of demons. It came out in 2007, but we had never heard of it before. It has potential - sexy teenage witches versus the horned denizens of Hell! Yep, we will try that... ;>