by Max Barry

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Region: Atlantian Oceania

The list of believeably roleplayed 'rich' nations in AO used to consist of - in no particular order - Caf and CH way above everyone else, then Pac, myself and Sarz, then we were followed by everyone who liked to RP as a first world nation or equivalent to modern day USA.

Merely going by the stats is a dumb way to go on NS, it's got to be the way you write about it and how believeable that is when you look at the general categories and use something like NSEconomy. Lamoni, for instance, always used to RP like he was the USA, but his economy was permanently in the toilet (something like 250 of his currency to every 1 USD). Looks like he's got it up to a believeable level now, though (i.e. Frightening).

As long as the fact my economy has been Frightening for the past 7 or so RL years keeps me as a 'rich' nation with spending money to burn in some new order, then I'm happy :D