by Max Barry

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Region: Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Wagner the great

I would like to remind the free states that any invasion will be met with a nuclear holocaust. I would like to ask for Feroxian delegation to have a gag applied to their blasphemous mouths let them corrupt another member. I shall begin my case, I represent the core of the Confederacy. The Feroxian flag is case point their flag does not represent the imperial power of the confederacy but heinous rebellion. They also misquote our title of corruption. The title serves two parts. One to strike fear and anguish in our enemies. Two too outline that we are an oligarch society. Yes our states are corrupt but not the Confederacy. We are Corrupt states in an Confederacy not a corrupt Confederacy. The attacks on both my nation and Jocospors represent an attack on the system. The Feroxian state is overreaching in its power. They hope to remove the senate and committee and begin an imperial order of one. They are tearing this system apart. I fought in the Bolsheviks war, I was there when downfall day happened, When communism was crushed, I passed legislation legally and now Feroxia who only changed sides in the sight of defeat, spared my wrath has been proven to be working with the Bolsheviks he attempts to return us to darkness, using an illegal text outlawed under the cannons of the Confederacy. I call VETO and we will end this now by the saber at my side you will be slain Lord feroxia. In the words of Reagan "we will preserve this the last, the best hope of man on earth or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness"