by Max Barry

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Region: Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Wagner the great

Wagner the Greats borders have been compromised by special forces and 5th pillar communist elements. They managed to strike both the colony of new Wilhelm and The capital Valkyrie, They sent leftist derogatory messages. Wagner the great deployed special forces and internal troops to the region. Among the dead Feroxian military IDs and passports where found. Wagner the greats border officials have also seized feroxian arms. Internal security and secret police have discovered multiple terrorist cells connected to Feroxia. Wagner the great believes these attacks are linked to recent assassination in the confederacy and represent a feroxian movement to take power from the founders of this Confederacy.

Purge the heretics, Hunt the traitors, Burn the left, Long live the Confederacy

International operations and diplomacy central emergency command Lazar Yanovich Igumnov.