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Region: The Ascendancy

Welcome to The Ascendancy, Overzealous hermits , Kolos nest , Kenny wooten, Silverpaws, Portu-span iberia, Wcraig, and Omni co-op products! If you have any questions, you can either ask them here on the RMB, or send a telegram to this nation,The Ascendancy freely!

I implore each and everyone of you to join our forums to enhance your experience within The Ascendancy. For it is there where you prove yourselves worthy to be a King of our beloved region, or to join one of our microregions, the Megacorporations!* If such things don't satisfy you, then I suggest to join the page=un and endorse our WAD, Gerzam so we as a region have more of a voice within the World Assembly!

Look at the following Link to get a slightly in-depth overview of The Ascendancy!

@Khwarezmia That's why we installed the lighting system!