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The Black Hawks Administration


The Black Hawks has an executive Founder, a non-executive Delegate, and 7 Officers. (?)

Executive Can appoint/dismiss Officers and set their authority. Founders with Executive authority can modify the authority of the Delegate, but Delegates cannot modify Founders. If the Founder is absent from the region, the Delegate gains Executive authority automatically ("by circumstance").
World Assembly Can vote on World Assembly proposals and resolutions.
Appearance Can modify the World Factbook Entry, Flag, and Tags, and pin Dispatches.
Border Control By spending Regional Influence, can eject/ban/unban nations and set/modify/remove the region password.
Communications Can send region-wide telegrams without stamps, compose Welcome telegrams, suppress & unsuppress posts on the Regional Message Board, and control who can recruit for the region.
Embassies Can open/close embassies with other regions and extend embassy posting privileges.
Polls Can create polls.
The Most Feared Military of TBH Commander Founder Executive Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Delegate Protector of Lawns of New South Arctica WA Delegate World Assembly
Lawn Protector
by TBH Commander
Communications Embassies Polls
The Moves Like of JakkerForeign Affairs Director
by TBH Commander
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Fantastic Field Marshal of Ever-Wandering SoulsField Marshal
by TBH Commander
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Reborn and Reloaded of Reventus KothTechnical Wizard
by TBH Commander
Appearance Communications Embassies Polls
The Almighty DJ of Sygian IIOrientation Coordinator
by TBH Commander
Communications Embassies Polls
The Nyx of RaionituHead of Training
by TBH Commander
Communications Embassies Polls
The TBH Commander of Red BackRegion Guardian
by TBH Commander
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls

Border Control


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. League of the scaro alliance
2. The global defense force
3. Novus Orsa
4. TBH Graveyard
5. TBH
6. Global commonwealth
7. Black hawks
8. The Jolly Roger
9. Hethrum
10. Violet Irises
11. The Blades of Conquest
12. Aequus isles
13. District 12
14. The Nest
16. Asta Fan Club
17. The Allied Memes
18. Windham
19. Satoshis Republic
20. CRMA Pact of mutual protection
21. Tierra
22. Dictatorship FTW
23. PFF
24. The League of Communists
25. Grand Central States
26. Global Markets
27. Middle Realms
28. Daggerland
29. Region of Midwest AEK
30. The White Gloves
31. Dreamworld
32. Virgi
33. Imperial Commission
34. Drone
35. Kingdom of Britain and Ireland
36. Hole In The Wall
37. Unitys Alliance
38. The Harsh Democracies
39. United Federation of Kingdom Nations
40. The Final Frontier
41. Ye Olde DMA
42. Frostburn
43. Ancient Epic League of Epicness
44. The League for National Socialists
45. The Scarlet Junction
46. The Confederate Unity of Stars
47. Brasilistan
48. Wakuda
49. The dominions of the 3rd British Empire
50. Huichapan Hidalgo
51. The Black Hawks 2
52. Turks Head
53. Acaristus
55. Galactic Nations
56. Equestria
57. Greater Anvil
58. New Fars
59. JohnMaddenJohn MaddenJohnMadden
60. Men Of Song
61. Non Erat Pax
62. Spanje
63. The TC of B
64. 36 Camera Perspective
65. Swishahouse
66. Ice landea
67. Zeptrea
68. Illuminati
69. The Brotherhood of the Cockerel
70. Enlightened Temple
71. Emporian
72. Federation Zone of Empires

73. Last Remnant of Gamindustri
74. Aeradian Empire
75. Union of democratic republics of Pestra
76. Land of the White Memes for Salad Teens
77. Monastery of Peace
78. Chaidhe
79. Femisphere
80. XParliament
81. United Havana
82. Battle of Empires WWI
83. Taco Party
84. International Conservative Order
85. Aurentina
86. Sector XIII
87. The 10th Crusade
88. The Star Wars Galaxy
89. Caucasus Minor
90. Alpha and Beta Quadrant of Milky Way
91. The Ericburgian Empire
92. Depression
93. Forums
94. The IRC Union
95. Abala
96. The Kekistani Allianced Nations
97. LITNation
98. The Freedom States
99. Orange Archipelago
100. A fishy nation
101. The Pembroke Hills
102. The Isolationists
103. Trentland
104. Amerish
105. United Federation of Nations
106. Coalition of Bored Nations
107. The Overwatched States of The Kabar
108. The Stellae
109. Amicos
110. Militaristic and Economic Alliance
111. TerminusSystem
112. CPN
113. The Holy Coalition of Kektopia
114. Engineering Squad
115. Regional Gaggle
116. 0peration Liberation
117. Norddeutscher Bund
118. Caribbean League
119. The Allied Regions Of the United Nations
120. The Bone Zone
121. Asian Centeral Region
122. Georgia II
123. Nations of Christendom
124. Scandinavia Proper
125. The New World of Countries
126. Cuisine Region
127. The Republic of Free Nations
128. The Christian States
129. Capital Republic
130. Great Towsan Empire
131. Star Trek United Federation of Planets
132. Pearl of World
133. Meme Heaven
134. Zephyrus
135. Memians
136. Socialist Federation of Maccav
137. Them Bloody Rebels
138. The Fursaw Pact
139. Die Mutterland
140. The Worlds Zoo
141. NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries
142. Gentlemen Club
143. Coalition of Particularists
144. Turrolandia
145. The Confederacy of Southern Canada
146. Eastern Nexus Planes
147. The New Pacific Nations

148. Region Raiders
149. USAsia
150. The Alliance of Nations

151. The United Mynations

152. The Fourth German Reichsland
153. The Lost Lands
154. Antiochus
155. The Sky Isles
156. Decimari
157. East Block
158. Lights United
159. The Union of Jakeist Republics
160. Waldonia
161. Fun 4 Lyfe
162. Bronydom
163. Central Texas
164. Nibelungendynastie
165. The United Gardens of Galactic Seaslugs
166. Essaria
167. The New Second World
168. East Asires
169. Northern Realm
170. Test Region
171. The Northern Arctic Coalition
172. Arjatica
173. Horrific Nations
174. The Microcosm
175. SevenSea DefenseTreaty
176. Republicania
177. Asian tigers
178. The Unified Nations Of Clark
179. The Fifth International
180. Free Libertarian Alliance
181. The United States of Trump
182. Privateers
183. Thornic Isles
184. Pyran
185. Dominion of Nargarth
186. Mundo do Paulista
187. South Utadarian Union
188. LightHaven
189. The Union of Totalitarian States
190. United Socialisms and Authoritarianisms
191. Alliance shoreline
192. Terra League
193. Weltschmerz
194. United People Forces
195. ADS
196. Totally The Real Target Region
197. RIP
198. The United Kingdom of Geektopia
199. Grand Coalition of Diverse Utopias
200. The Conservative Revolution
201. Ordo of The Exul
202. The backup power
203. Wynn Alliance
204. Canceria

205. Terraconfracta
206. The trade union of supremacist bankers
207. The Union of Nitedulan Socialist States
208. The Trinitarian Provinces
209. Copyright Reasons
210. United Confederacy of Leftist States
211. The Italian Mafia
212. Foxy
213. The World After The Flash
214. Belaus
215. Levee
216. Universe Of Creaturia
217. Grand Thalatthia
218. The Worst Region
219. The Unified Revanite Empire
220. Solarmanias Meme Dungeon
221. Glue Empire
222. The Palisade
223. The Sheep Pen
224. Pskov
225. A Sea Of Bees
226. Siegland
227. GCR Sovereignty
228. The Altered States
229. Oracle Legacy Andromeda
230. The Generic Region
231. The United Kingdom of Aquitaine
232. Autistico nuova regione
233. Democratic islands

234. Weishund
235. The Norse Theocratic Union
236. Anarcho Capitalist Wasteland
237. Catz
238. The Vermillion Brotherhood
239. New Leftist Union
240. Villains R Us
241. Lelakiria
242. Matinkan Empire
243. Tyrannen Glaubensbekenntnis
244. Right Wing League Debate Area
245. Fictional Europe
246. The Alliance of Michiganic Countries

247. Olenia
248. United Kindoms of The Equator
249. Region for fascism
250. North Korelia
251. North tyne side
252. Terra Mysticia
253. William oats and andy price
254. AIJ
255. Alliance of axis states
256. United Authoritarian Dictatorships
257. Duck Pond
258. 420BlazinIt
259. Roleplay nation
260. Just Bored

261. The Allied Nations of The Wolf
262. The superior Leauge of Worshipers
263. Coalition of Bored People
264. Pippohoek sovereignty
265. Tradelands
266. News With Booze
267. ACE Alliance
268. Garbage dump
269. The Mean Communists
270. Thrace
271. The Federation of European States
272. Antarctica and North Pole
273. The New California Republic Empire
274. The Shake Shackers
275. Hellirinn
276. The Silent Realms
277. Dorkoru Festu
278. All hail biggie cheese
279. United Sovereignty
280. The Memeland Confederacy
281. Idling Forever

282. The Penoptacon Confederacy
283. Central Islands Of The Pacific
284. The Empire of True Rulers
285. Empire of Praesyodymia
286. Terrestria
287. The Region Of Band Peoples
288. Chesapeake
289. Hinomoto
290. Zorald Kalin
291. The NorthEast lands
292. Pars
293. The Markets
294. University
295. Union Of America
296. Association of the Countries of the Free
297. Moltava Laviera
299. Petrischale
300. The proletarian union
301. Libertarian police states
302. The Grand Community of Nations
303. Look at all these police
304. Omega Syndicate
305. The Greater Imperial Realm
306. WidgetRegion
307. The Mirage Isles

308. International Union of Socialist States
309. Women
310. NativeStates
311. Souls

312. Gladium
313. The united countries
314. North Malkaria

Invitations Received

Invitation Received FromViaReceived
Coalesce of DomodelyovskThe Empire of The 3rd Holy Roman Empire
Remembrance of WarThe Sultanate of The Pioneers from space
BlueKebab removal robot
Dragon IslesThe United States of Megalomaniac
East Scandinavian PeninsulaThe Republic of SYG Fridays
Church of CheeseThe Republic of General Souls Chicken
FormationThe Republic of Red Back Robin
Paradigm CityThe Federation of Anarchistic Kittens
Halo Custom EditionThe Republic of Half-Chan
Federation of Slavic RepublicsThe Empire of Big Box Mart
Unite Nations Of BygoneThe Dictatorship of Mr Mittens
Black SabbathThe Federal Republic of T N T
KatsThe Republic of Martian Manhunter
Greater FinlandiaThe Holy Empire of Mother Mary
DermochelysThe Commonwealth of ICanHazCheezburger
Deez NutsThe United Kingdom of Norwegian Wood
RG Death SquadThe Confederacy of Jellyfish
Galaxy cluster HJK6920The Rogue Nation of VanHalen
League of the LGBTThe Empire of Htarw
LanderzThe Empire of Ecirava
Colorful World of ZiggyThe Empire of Edirp
NushyThe Republic of Osamu Dazai
DeathwatchThe Empire of Homura-san
Pacific IslesThe Great Pacific Royal House of Nord Valdr
RegnoThe Federation of Liberation-54
Our Cozy AsylumThe Protectorate of Liberation-52
GielinorThe Community of Liberation-50
Truly AnarchyThe Dictatorship of Liberation-46
The Lands of TarenilThe Community of Liberation-43
United Conservative Nations OrganizationThe Free Land of Liberation-41
Empire of TamrielThe United States of Mission Accomplished 36
Freedom of CompassionThe United States of Liberation-40
Team AvolitionThe United States of Mission Accomplished 29
The Polish InquistionThe Community of Liberation-38
Canadian northThe United States of Mission Accomplished 27
A pretty cool regionThe Rogue Nation of Liberation-36
LovelassThe United States of Mission Accomplished 39
New Cydonian FederationThe Republic of Liberation-35
Land of Green MountainsThe Dominion of Liberation-30
Confederation of SchmitzlandiaThe United States of Mission Accomplished 41
StartopiaThe Principality of Liberation-27
Koni EmpireThe United States of Mission Accomplished 47
West Communist UnionThe Jingoistic States of Liberation-22
Communist Union Of German StatesThe United States of Mission Accomplished 49
GayismThe United States of Mission Accomplished 16
FornsigtunaThe Kingdom of Liberation-20
CymruThe Grand Duchy of Liberation-17
Land of Golden IvoryThe United States of Mission Accomplished 13
ToylandsThe Incorporated States of Liberation-14
AJKThe United States of Mission Accomplished 10
The Majoras Mask MoonThe Disputed Territories of Liberation-10
Heedless HeathensThe United States of Mission Accomplished 8
International Union of IsolationistsThe People's Republic of Liberation-9
MiddlegroundThe Grand Federal Republic of Ioras
Trumps Butt JuiceThe Republic of Crater
The Black WardensThe Democratic Republic of SerboroXXXIII
RegionlessThe Federation of Australian Republic
Toe JamThe Republic of Pentorvil

ArconaxThe Federation of Opiistan

Empire United NationsThe Republic of Niami united nation

National Weapon Making CorporationThe Republic of The republic of silversage

Grand Alliance of Free NationsThe Imperium of Sovietzkia

The NorthWestern PacificThe United Socialist States of Russia and Ukraine

United States of yiannopoulosThe Federation of Solus adraya



The Black Hawks Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are not permitted to post on the The Black Hawks Regional Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: Written by Ever-Wandering Souls.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by: Come Join Us II, Ever-Wandering Souls, and 3 others.Sygian II, Raid, and Jakker.