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Europeia Administration


Europeia has an executive Founder, a non-executive Delegate, and 6 Officers. (?)

Executive Can appoint/dismiss Officers and set their authority. Founders with Executive authority can modify the authority of the Delegate, but Delegates cannot modify Founders. If the Founder is absent from the region, the Delegate gains Executive authority automatically ("by circumstance").
World Assembly Can vote on World Assembly proposals and resolutions.
Appearance Can modify the World Factbook Entry, Flag, and Tags, and pin Dispatches.
Border Control By spending Regional Influence, can eject/ban/unban nations and set/modify/remove the region password.
Communications Can send region-wide telegrams without stamps, compose Welcome telegrams, suppress & unsuppress posts on the Regional Message Board, and control who can recruit for the region.
Embassies Can open/close embassies with other regions and extend embassy posting privileges.
Polls Can create polls.
The This Is A Great Pre-Title of King HEM Founder Executive Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The World Assembly Delegate of Aexnidaral WA Delegate World Assembly Appearance Communications Embassies Polls
The Republic of Europeian WA HeadquartersWA Ministry Office
by Trinnien
The Panda's Federal Republic of Europeia Dispatch OfficeCommunications Officer
by King HEM
The Lands of Swift SurePresident
by King HEM
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Crystal leth dealing cabal of LethenSupreme Chancellor & Nethel's Alter Ego
by Mousebumples
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Federal Republic of DarcnessVice President
by King HEM
Appearance Communications Embassies Polls
The Lethadone Clinic of DrecqVice Chancellor
by Mousebumples
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls

Border Control


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. The North Pacific
2. The Land of Kings and Emperors
3. Albion
4. Balder
5. Equilism
6. The West Pacific
7. World Assembly Legislative League
8. Kantrias
9. Osiris

Invitations Received

Europeia Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are permitted to post on the Europeia Regional Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: Written by Aexnidaral.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by: Malashaan Colony, Penguin Territory, and 38 others.Decacon, Renaissancistic People, Aexnidaral, Mousebumples, GraVandius, Writinglegend, Calvin Coolidge, United Vietussia, Aditya Republic, Freeworldia, Farlord, Deladara, Common-Sense Politics, Seven Deaths, Isalucia, Vorhollah, Cool Spring, Radicalitan, Lime82, Jambala Land, Phree states, Wild Children, Grizzli, Pyntuma, Jahuvia, Jamsht, Federal union of states, Thegemini, The punishment, Drexlore, James the Lionheart, Wellser, Vlaska, Coherbia, Jermeny, Saint Yunico, Kaytteria, and Swift Sure.