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The Leftist AssemblyWhich charity should we vote to support in this years NS charity fundraiser?24Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyConstitution Amendment (Vice Secretary)33Ghillemear
The Leftist AssemblyFLASH POLL: Z-Day Strategy24Kavagrad
The Leftist AssemblyRegional Queerness 30Yong
The Leftist AssemblyMarxist Land of Peoples Confirmation Vote26Leftist Assembly Founder
The Leftist AssemblySuper Awesome Fun Times Confirmation Vote25Leftist Assembly Founder
The Leftist AssemblyArt competition theme selection 34Yong
The Leftist AssemblyFounder Nomination - Podria24Leftist Assembly Founder
The Leftist AssemblyBackup Founder Confirmation - Super Awesome Fun Times27Leftist Assembly Founder
The Leftist AssemblyAre you in favour Constitution Amendment (Inactive Removal) The amendment can be found here: https://www.natio...29The grand union kingdom
The Leftist AssemblyReferendum: Amendment to the NSLeft Solidarity Pact27Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyShould Wintercrest be removed from NSLeft?32Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyAppointment of Kavagrad as Minister of Community Affairs31Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyFounder Nomination: New Prague Workers Republic49Leftist Assembly Founder
The Leftist AssemblyWould you be interested in seeing a regional Leftist Library?35Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyReferendum: Should we change the regional flag?39Super Awesome Fun Times
The Leftist AssemblyPoll for the Constitution Amendment (Legislature Motions)25Ghillemear
The Leftist AssemblyMinecraft Server Interest Poll52Sauros
The Leftist AssemblyDo you support Sauros appointment to Minister of Community Affairs? 29Greylyn
The Leftist AssemblyAppointment of Cedoria as Minister of Apocalyptic Affairs 45Leftist Assembly Founder
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