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One big IslandWhat is your currency backed by?147BrightonBurg
One big IslandBacon is wonderful.111BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat do you put in your Hot Dog?118BrightonBurg
One big IslandMost Sexy Founder in NS History Part III4BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Beer.95BrightonBurg
One big IslandTeam Coffee or Team Tea206BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Sub74BrightonBurg
One big IslandMost sexy Founder/Mercenary in the history of NS.8BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Pizza topping260BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Modern Video Gaming System131BrightonBurg
One big IslandElection Time.7BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat do you put in your tea?126BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat do you put in your coffee?122BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour favorite breakfast bread!98BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite way to eat eggs for Breakfast.75BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite " Salad." 58BrightonBurg
One big IslandCaek vs Pie The final battle!!! *fight* ( No puppets this time ;))50BrightonBurg
One big IslandIs BB the most Sexy Founder/Mercenary in the History of NS!!9BrightonBurg
One big IslandCake or Pie?182BrightonBurg
One big IslandHow many puppets do you have?97BrightonBurg