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One big IslandPick your wizard powers!171BrightonBurg
One big IslandMost handsome founder in NS history!!26BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Halloween Candy Damn it!219BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour favorite color?200BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Pot Pie?139BrightonBurg
One big IslandBB is the coolest,and right handsome founder in the history of NS,maybe even the whole bleeping universe!!17BrightonBurg
One big IslandI am Groot.55BrightonBurg
One big IslandIs water wet?83BrightonBurg
One big IslandHave you read Dune?78BrightonBurg
One big IslandBest Pot Pie?125BrightonBurg
One big IslandBest Elvis..40WaffenBrightonburg
One big IslandHow do you oppress your peasants!87BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe best style of Pizza!172BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe Battle of the Bacon!!!!!141BrightonBurg
One big IslandIs the BB best founder/mercenary ever in NS history!!!33BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour favorite cookie301BrightonBurg
One big IslandWho is buried in Grants Tomb?16WaffenBrightonburg
One big IslandCan you Cook?194BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat is your currency backed by?147BrightonBurg
One big IslandBacon is wonderful.111BrightonBurg