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One big IslandAnother Epic Breakfast Battle!342BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour Favorite Pizza Topping!319BrightonBurg
One big IslandOBI is cool29BrightonBurg
One big IslandWill 2021 be better than 2020?131BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Hot Beverage for the Holidays or in General for the lols162BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite type of pot pie.177BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Fast Food Burger Joint. ( not mom and pop but a national chain overseas companies welcome in this poll)220WaffenBrightonburg
One big IslandOne Big Island is wonderful.23BrightonBurg
One big IslandBest Seasonal Beverage!223BrightonBurg
One big IslandPick your wizard powers!231BrightonBurg
One big IslandI am Groot?78BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe most handsome and dare I say most sexy NS Founder in the whole universe,never mind that galaxy stuff like ...19BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe new battle of the ages! Pancakes vs Waffles vs French Toast!219BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour Favorite Pasta type?140BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Sweet Pie 177BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe very best founder in the history of Nation States,if not the whole of the universe,seen and unseen!41BrightonBurg
One big IslandDoes the year 2020 suck.290BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat side dish goes best with Hot Dogs?251BrightonBurg
One big IslandBest Founder and yes most handsome founder in 2020!!36BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe Best Elvis Presley..118BrightonBurg