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One big IslandAre goats 🐐 cool?23BrightonBurg
One big IslandOBI is cool13BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Cookie321BrightonBurg
One big IslandYour favorite color mang? :D230BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe BB is the most handsome founder in NS history!!!!!!!!31BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Meat? 365BrightonBurg
One big IslandPush button to reset life?116BrightonBurg
One big IslandPot Pie Battle! 263BrightonBurg
One big IslandIs BB a handsome lad? Is BB totally great and full of great nations like the BB!30BrightonBurg
One big IslandFavorite Christmas Drink183BrightonBurg
One big IslandOBI is epic.24BrightonBurg
One big IslandOne must go! a different food battle!179BrightonBurg
One big IslandI am Groot?89BrightonBurg
One big IslandARE WE NOT MEN?83BrightonBurg
One big IslandThe best Elvis108BrightonBurg
One big IslandWhat do you put in your Hot Dog? 269BrightonBurg
One big IslandIs BB the most handsome and dare I say most sexy mercenary raider/defender in NS history 24BrightonBurg
One big IslandThis poll may be too short.48BrightonBurg
One big IslandFarts.17BrightonBurg
One big IslandAre Goats cool?172BrightonBurg
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