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KrillinFavorite number?5The warden made you eat your socks as he
KrillinActivity10Happy crappers 2
KrillinWhat is your opinion about Dragon Ball Super4Akamatsu clan
KrillinI can make polls now. How cool is that?7Bloodmoses
KrillinShould we create a constitutionn24Land canaan
KrillinShould we create a constitutio10Land canaan
KrillinDO you Like the direction in which Krillin is heading5Land canaan
KrillinIf is was down to the last shot in an NBA Game with the Warriors down 2, who would you choose to shoot the las...5Queen leflop
KrillinRegional Flag2Parnello
KrillinWhich NBA team Do you think will win the 2017 NBA Championship?3Queen leflop
KrillinFavorite Communist Countries(During the Cold War)6Queen leflop
KrillinBest NBA Player Right Now?5Queen leflop
KrillinWhich Dragon Ball character is your favorite?6Plyovia
KrillinShould we try join FORGE6Muale
KrillinShould we make a factbook/dispatch about Krillin?13Kordic
KrillinWhy did you decide to join Krillin28Land canaan
KrillinHave you decoded the release date for the Regional Anthem?5Parnello
KrillinHillary or Trump6Parnello
KrillinDo you like the newly composed Regional Anthem?13Parnello