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KrillinWhat is the most common religion followed in your nation21Evokice
KrillinWhat is the population of your nation, in rp (not using the ns stat, but how you would have it)18Evokice
KrillinDo you think it is more likely that a godlike powerful entity exists, than the likelihood of every event in hi...15The Red Society
KrillinWhich do you think is more prestigious?29Great Hesja Empire
KrillinHow hyped are u for New Years 12Polish-kerban empire
Krillinout of 0-10/10 how much do You like Your own Season 2 nation Trading Card level of rareness ?11ScotlandSerenity
KrillinSo... Z-Day --- your opinion?3The Earldom of Fallsbury
KrillinDo you consider your nation stats to be accurate for your nation? 5Evokice
KrillinWhat is your favoured choice on ZDay? 8Evokice
KrillinIs your nation going to participate in N-Day?6The Earldom of Fallsbury
KrillinWhat is your ideology?19Not the finnish ussr
KrillinK9VKO0-VKO- LIGHTFORD,ollpb pl . .p;1Not the finnish ussr
KrillinLegit?3Not the finnish ussr
Krillinlight ford IS a peepeepoopoo2Not the finnish ussr
Krillinwodukd yuol wrouship lucarios paws?5Not the finnish ussr
Krillinwhats youfr faobufgntinter ting in tdsd undcetfersre17Not the finnish ussr
KrillinWould Krillin like to compete in WINTER SPAMMYLYMPICS 20193ScotlandSerenity
KrillinKrillin offices14Happy crappers 2
KrillinShould we create an alliance with Lardyland?11Happy crappers 2
Krillinnationstates Trading Cards14ScotlandSerenity