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KrillinAbortion Laws in your Nation28Evokice
KrillinWhat economic ideology best describes your nation (RP)?8The Red Society
KrillinWhat's the average life expectancy of the citizens of your NS country???141Lightford
KrillinHow many COVID-19 cases in your country?6Japanese Kore
KrillinWhen was homosexuality decriminalized in your NS nation?43Lightford
KrillinWhat's the median age of your NS country's citizens?20Lightford
Krillinshould we join AA (2 Nday wins) with the URA regions for Nday4ScotlandSerenity
KrillinHow was your NS country established?173Lightford
KrillinWhat continent do you live in?9J-O-E
KrillinYour NS nation's societal attitudes towards alcohol???28Lightford
KrillinHow often do you dismiss issues?8The Earldom of Fallsbury
KrillinHow much do you like Krillin?6J-O-E
KrillinWould you like to live in the NS country you created???200Lightford
KrillinWhat is your IRL opion about marijuana leagalization12The Earldom of Fallsbury
KrillinShould children have the right to vote?38The Red Society
KrillinNations views on gay rights38Evokice
KrillinWhat's your NS country's system of government???168Lightford
KrillinHow old are you?21The Red Society
KrillinWhat is the most common religion followed in your nation21Evokice
KrillinWhat is the population of your nation, in rp (not using the ns stat, but how you would have it)18Evokice