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KrillinIRL opinion poll: gun control7J-O-E
KrillinDid you watch the Eurovision this year?14Evokice
KrillinAge old question7Yemrod
KrillinWhich political party will you be joining?15J-O-E
KrillinWhat is your irl age?10Ajidiali
KrillinIs water wet?22Lightford
KrillinPolitical Parties?9Yemrod
KrillinWhich Koppen Climate Group does your NS nation fall under?22Evokice
KrillinIRL opinion question17J-O-E
KrillinWhat side does your nation drive on?27Lightford
KrillinWhat's the current status of conscription in your country?25Lightford
KrillinYemrodian Civil War7J-O-E
KrillinWho do you support?9J-O-E
KrillinWhat denonym do you use for Krillin???13Lightford
KrillinScottish independence?8New state of alba
KrillinIf your nation had a covid-19 pandemic, how far would restrictions go?20Evokice
KrillinWhich is the best taste category of food?26J-O-E
KrillinPancakes or waffles?8J-O-E
KrillinHow big is a typical infantry platoon belonging to your NS nation?8Ejoland
KrillinSomething light to get a conversation going.2The Earldom of Fallsbury