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Strawberry HillStrawberry Hills Biweekly Games: How should we make them more manageable?

The Federation of A Puppet of My Nation wrote:*Please check out our Biweekly Games dispatch to see the way the games are held right now.*Hello, A Puppet of My Nation here. Recently Ive been finding it really hard to manage our Biweekly Games. I have to post them every week, in all of our embassy regions, and thats a lot for me to do. Ive also received complaints saying that my posts are excessive, and filling up their regions RMB. So, Im putting up this poll to give you guys a say in how I should make the Biweekly Games more manageable and less work for me, but still just as fun. Should we

Voting opened 146 days ago and closed . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.